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Land Rover is a British brand of four-wheel drive vehicles that is owned by multinational car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), since 2008 a subsidiary of India's Tata Motors. JLR currently build Land Rovers in Brazil, China, India, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. The Land Rover name was created in 1948 by the Rover Company for a utilitarian four-wheel drive, off-roader; yet today Land Rove


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Anthony Drew Virella says

"We bought a brand new 2019 Range Rover Sport Supercharged in a beautiful red color at a very luxurious Range Rover dealership. We took it into service a few times at that dealership. It was very unreliable. The screen would turn off thinking the car is not on but it is even though the car chargers work and the car is moving at highway speeds. --------------------------------------------------------------- Took it into service and got a Jaguar F-Pace to drive for a few days for the dealership. The car wasted quite a bit of gas in 35 mile commute. But luckily we still had 6 percent of gas. Cheap materials. Bad button placement, and very unreliable. --------------------------------------------------------------- We were tired of driving a 2 door coupe since the car has been in service for about a week, so we rented a Jaguar XF to have a 4 door car. It was cheap and had bad button placement too. I so far would recommend a Mercedes G-Class for 50k more or Audi E-Tron for electric power for cheaper so you can save your money. --------------------------------------------------------------- The radio changes to random stations in the Range Rover Supercharged when setting up bluetooth. My sister has the Evoque that is 1 year older and has the radio problem. --------------------------------------------------------------- I recommend you update your cars for 2022 and make cars look better with some redesigning on the full size Range Rover and the Sport Range Rover. Save your money to buy a better car! I think you should redesign a lot this decade especially on the interiors and recall all Range Rover Sport and Jaguar F-Pace models from 2017-2021!"

Mr J Heap says

"Just managed to get rid of my Discovery. So many faults and recurring faults and so unreliable. Won't be buying another second hand Land Rover anytime soon."

Aaron Carl Butler says

"Decided to get a Range Rover evoque convertible. All well at the start but then had issues with the roof, the car went to there approved body shop cause they have no one who is trained to work on there own vehicles at landrover. To only pick it up in a worse state then when I dropped it of. Still two years on same issues with the roof and other issues still on the car. Doesn’t matter what you tell them they do the opposite. STAY AWAY AT ALL COST. After care is shocking and customer care well where is it and as for them to notify you about anything well none exists"

Abs Akayour says

"2019 RANGEROVER SVR. Engine went within 5000km and 7 months later I'm still waiting for a fix. Ridiculously bad customer service!!!!"

Daniel McFarlane says

"Bought a 2019 LR Discovery with 7,800 miles. Within a week had a diesel leak on my driveway. The Ad Blue light has come on after 4,000 miles and they are wanting £29 top up fees ? Tailgate is not working and to this day No one from Customer Care has called to apologise. Appalling really. My advice is to buy another brand of 4x4"

sandra says

"terrible customer service,talked down to as if an idiot,but have owned landrovers for over 30years,service dept.makes up lies as they go along,not to be trusted only do what THEY want. do not listen to clients if not on computer are not interested"

Menik says

"NO NO NO TO LAND ROVER COMPANY!!! Big fat liars and don't honour any legal binding. Wasted enough time phoning and emailing, top to bottom no one bothers! Robbing your hard earned money, that's all what they are professionally trained for. Avoid anything and everything to do with Land Rover and Range Rover. I can relate to most of the comments below and seems it's the disgusting trend in land rover to treat customers this way. Appalling!"

Mr Johan Strydom says

"Do yourself a favour and google Evoque DPF problems before buying one. Beautiful car completely marred by abysmal reliability. Great service while under guarantee (if you don't mind the frequent visits to the dealer), but terrible afterwards."

Glenn Porter says

"I bought a new Evoque in 2017 on a PCP "Freedom" plan and I'm currently trying to hand it back. When I bought it, it was "simply hand it back at anytime". That turns out to be you can hand it back if you paid over 50% off and we'll charge you £300 in fees you didn't agree to for the payment holiday we offered you during lockdown and you have to take your car to BCA auctions and the nearest site you can take it to is 80 miles away or you can pay us £75 to collect it but we can't collect it at the moment so you'll end up making another payment on the car. Simple. Land Rover finance behave like Harry the B*st*rd's dodgy car loans. The car is brilliant. The finance company is crap."

Disappointed says

"Had my Evoque serviced and MOT'd at kwik fit. I emailed the invoice and mot certificate to Land Rover and asked them to update OSH Land Rover refused, because the invoice didn't show the VIN, even though the VIN is shown on the MOT certificate which was done at the same time. I do understood why proof of the VIN number (specific to the vehicle) is more important than a registration number (which could be assigned to different vehicles) However given both documents have the registration number on, and matching mileage amounts, and were done on the same day at the same garage, I asked them to apply COMMON SENSE to see that it must clearly be the same car. Unfortunately, common sense did not prevail. Even someone at manager level was unable to apply common sense, sticking to the hard and fast rule that the invoice must state the VIN number."

todd Runyon says

"If u want to throw ur money out the window buy a land rover sport, u spend 100k and in three years or less it’s worth like 35k and breaks after the warrenty is up and the extended warranty won’t cover any of the expenses"


"Land Rover Farnell Bradford Never use this dealer ship ! Had the car 3 months, paid £24k for it, the DPF diesel particulate filter warning light come on, I was told it wasn’t covered in the 12 month warranty ! Also the sound proofing round the engine housing came loose with the rock wool showing, again was told this isn’t covered in the warranty! Eventually after a full weeks fight I had both jobs repaired at another dealership, free of charge Farnell Bradford after sale care is not something they seem to consider , so basically once they’ve sold the car that’s it, get on with it Awful dealership , won’t be going back. Would advise others not to as well"

Mr P says

"The worst vehicle I have ever had! In 3 years a complete battle, lack of acceptance, terrible build quality and awful customer service. DO NOT BUY! Split coolant hose, leaking windscreen, leaking sun roof, rear boot catches on bumper, electronics buttons and parking sensors3 are intermittent. An engine and turbo replacement after 40k miles! And this morning I was recovered again due to engine malfunction 3 weeks after engine was replaced. Disgusting Im under warranty but they won’t issue a courtesy vehicle until they diagnose which they say takes 48 hours but always takes longer. I rarely write a review and consider myself to be an easy going person. However they are an Absolute Joke. Avoid at all costs!"

Tony Fatato says

"Land Rover of Grand Rapids Michigan service department is terrible. Have to drive to them 2 times for them to figure out I have a wrong key fob, it’s a three hour round trip for me to get to them. The don’t care about the customers time and didn’t seemed bothered about not checking that the 1st trip in, the 2nd trip in north as to get the new key fob programmed and that’s when they realized it was the wrong fob, so couldn’t help me.. what joke they are, I will be getting rid of my RR because the service department is so terrible.. I have owned 4 Range Rovers and have just dealt with her terrible customer service, I’m done with them and unfortunately Land Rover too."

Pierre says

"JLR build quality at its.....worst!! Shockingly and laughably bad on a brand new evoque, panel gaps are so big you can spot them, plastic cheap build quality inside, poorly fitted seals causing water leaks etc etc Going to a Japanese manufacturer for reliability and proper build quality"

Anonymous says

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